Dental implant after extraction.

I had a lower molar removed several years ago, now I am considering an implant however the top molar has shifted. I have had 2 opinions, one Doctor says 1 implant with a short crown so the teeth match, the other says extract the top tooth and get 2 implants. I am looking for advice.

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Dental implant beneath an extruded tooth

What you are describing is a common problem when a tooth remains unopposed for a long period of time.  Depending on the amount of extrusion of the upper tooth, your dentist may be able to adjust its height by crowning it.  If it needs more adjustment than what would be "safe", you may still be able to retain your tooth with a root canal treatment and a crown.  If your upper tooth is not in very good shape or is compromised by bone loss, an extraction and implant may be your best option.  Your restoring dentist should be able to evaluate your situation and give you the risks and benefits of each option.  Good luck!

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Dental Implant

My recommendation to you would be to have a comprehensive evaluation. If the upper tooth has continued to erupt or if it's bone loss that is causing the problem with the upper molar coming out, then the recommendation would vary depending on the case. Sometimes you can have a tooth intruded or shifted back with braces to create space for a proper implant crown on the lower area. If on the other hand, the tooth above is too compromised with bone loss, then the advice would be to reconstruct both areas with implants. Please visit your nearest specialist for a proper evaluation.

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