Another chin implant or sliding genioplasty? (photos)

Got a chin implant 5mm silicone 'button' intraoral and not happy with's a little uncomfortable closing my mouth (takes a bit of effort), looks asymmetrical, and jowls have increased? What would be a better anatomical implant replacement? If I want a more projection to cover the jowl area and more pointy chin (v line) a sliding genioplasty better? What are the risks of that?

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Asymmetry and contour

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your concerns apoear to be valid. You have sone width to the ramal zones which need consideration with the mid mandiible and chin area. Any genioplasty has to consider projection with also tapering the chin; as well as slightly augmenting the area of the body of the mandible  ( so called pre jowl area). The augmentation should extend beyond the jowl but taper towards the ramus.

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