Butt lift with fat transfer or something else? (Photo)

I have been looking for a doctor that can lift my buttocks area in Orlando, FL. I can see my buttocks from the front, between my thighs. I've had two separate doctors suggest Lipo (on flanks and inner thighs) with fat transfer to my mid and upper buttocks to round and lift my lower buttocks. I don't necessarily want a bigger butt but I do want it much higher. I'm 5'8 and weigh 120lbs. What are my options?

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I am not sure that you have enough fat to augment your buttocks, you would have to be seen in press to be sure.

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Butt Enhancement in a very thin woman

From your photograph you appear to have 
- deflation and flattening of the buttocks
- sagging of the buttocks
- a relative paucity of fat

Although liposuction would help define the low back-buttock border and fat transfer would add some volume to the buttocks, it will not lift them. If you do not wish the buttocks to be augmented, then a Butt/Thigh Lift would be your best option (at a cost of a belt like scar). 
If you would accept buttock implants they could recruit some of the buttocks  skin sag and add volume where it is needed. 

Peter Aldea MD
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Peter A. Aldea, MD
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18.24 BMI wants BBL

Great. Question!

Bueatiful pictures.  Very proud of your effort to keep a slim shape and your quest to have multiple surgeon input for your surgical plan.  I agree with the flank and medial thigh lipo areas and would add the back and abdomen.  If you could keep 20 lbs of more wieght on your body for 6 months after your BBL to allow more fat transfer and buttock growth.  You could slim down starting month 7 and you will a larger change and be much more satisfied.

I wish you well through your surgical recovery.

Dr McAdoo

James S. McAdoo, DO, FACOS
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You are thin. You can have a modest brazilian butt lift and your shape will be improved with the contouring provided by the liposuction

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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