Which braces to change face features?

my lower and upper arch are U shaped with a curve on one side(a curve that goes inwards) -tells me that my jaws are too small -they are small in general,my upper teeth seem that they should be a little further out,they are also quite up and they are inclined backwards a bit -My lower jaw seems too far back even more so than the upper one.Makes my chin look smaller than it already is.Also My lower jaw from the side looks horizontal,bc my jaws are short vertically I have a touch of an overbite.

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DNA Appliance to Orthopedically Grow Small Jaws.

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Consider Epigenetic Orthodontics with the DNA Appliance as the best approach to correcting your issues without surgical intervention.

Growing a fuller maxillary arch lets the lower jaw expand and move forward as well improving your profile by giving you a stronger chin..

The DNA appliances accomplishes growth with very light forces and virtually no pain typically associated with standard orthodontics or invisalign.  The appliances are only worn 12-14 hours/ day most of which is during sleep.

The mRNA version of the DNA Appliance is FDA approved for treating sleep apnea and snoring and it can pneumopedically grow your airway.  There are clinicl cases that have shown the DNA Appliance curing sleep apnea.

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