Axillary tissue surgery: Long incision. (photos)

My doctor just performed the surgery to diminish the bulge under my arm along with a fat pocket near the rib cage. I was shocked when I saw the photos because of the long incision. I was wondering if he was too lazy to take care of each section by two incision or did he have to cut all the way through. I thought for sure he would just cut under my arm and under my breast but instead as you can see he cut all the way down. I am at a loss !!!

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Axillary Tissue Surgery and Concern Over Long Incision

Without before pictures, it is difficult to comment on your axillary tissue surgery. I suggest talking with your operating surgeon about your concerns and wound healing. Best wishes.

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surprised your surgeon didn't discuss this with you prior to surgery as to how things would be done. However, now that it is done, no going back. Best to discuss with your operating surgeon and make the best of the situation you now have. IF you had a significant amount of axillary tissue, he/she likely did what they thought would be best for you. 

Axillary tissue surgery: Long incision. (photos)

That is a technique option for excessive axillary tissue. It depends upon the amount of this tissue & skin. Best to seek many in person opinions.

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