A lot of extra skin in my vagina.. Is it normal? Can I get it removed? (Photo)

Okay.. So i noticed i had a little extra skin inside my vagina... recently i have been having a lot of intimacy with my partner.. And for some reason its like my vaginal opening has a lot more visable skin on the inside thsn before... Like extra.. Also it created this lip part at the bottom .. What does this mean ? Can i get the excess skin inside removed? Why is it there for ? And why the lip now?

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What does vaginal opening & hymenal ring look like after sex?!

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Everything looks VERY FINE and VERY NORMAL!.. Don't have anything done! What you see are the normal edges of your hymen ("Hymeneal Ring.") It is normal, attractive anatomy which of course looks somewhat different secondary to the loving use you've been giving it. Don't despair-- Enjoy! Nothing wrong. LOok at the weblink, or google "Anatomy of vulva, introitus, vagina."
Michael P Goodman, MDDavis, CA, USA

Extra skin in the vagina

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While your photo is helpful, a one on one exam with your gynecologist is always the best.  What I think you are concerned with is the redundant vaginal wall that has dropped into view at the vaginal opening.  It is called a urethrocele and just below that is a small cystocele.  These are the small round structures just inside the opening and is often the result of minor injury to the support of the urethra and the bladder at the time of a vaginal delivery.  A careful evaluation by a urogynecologist and a minor out patient procedure should correct this nicely.  I have used FemiLift- an office based laser for vaginal tightening- for minor support problems like yours.  No downtime or recovery for the FemiLift.  Hope this was helpful.

Charles Butrick, MD
Overland Park OB-GYN

Vaginal tissues

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The tissue you are noticing is the hymenal ring, remnants of the hymen. This is normal tissue. Most likely your recent increased activity has caused some swelling of the tissue in this area and so it appears more prominent.    If the area is sensitive to the touch, you may want to abstain from vaginal intercourse for a day or two in order to let these sensitive tissues recover.   If you were using a lubricant or contraceptive foam/gel or condoms coated with a chemical, you may be having a sensitivity reaction to one of those products and it would be best to avoid those in the future. Best wishes!

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Excess skin

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Your photos appear normal. Perhaps the vigorous sex has made areas swell. Consider waiting for 2-3 weeks, let it rest, and see if it's still there.

Extra ski

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this is tissue left over from your hymen and it is indeed normal. Some of it can become inflamed with intercourse and it certainly can be removed. Find an expert!

A lot of extra skin in my vagina.. Is it normal? Can I get it removed?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  The excess skin you are referring to are remnants from your hymenal ring and are a normal finding in many women.  They can be removed with a small in-office procedure if they are causing you any functional or cosmetic issues.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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