ORK (LASIK) Done One Month Ago, Now I Still Have Blurry Vision, is This Normal?

I was short sighted. now my optometrist told me I have long sight power +0.5 and astigmatism 0.75 on both eyes which cause the blurry vision. my night vision is not good either, flashing light, foggy and ghosting. I had my surgery overseas and not able to go back again. Is this condition normal or my surgery is failed? I am so scarred to have an enhancement or any other surgeries. I rather wear glasses than this crappy surgery , now, I am worrying about other complications like cataracts and keratoconus.

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Blurry vision after LASIK

Blurry vision after LASIK is not the norm. Please see your surgeon for an explanation. Dryness and over or under correction are probably the more common causes and usually can be treated.

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