Original Mole Biopsy Area Still Healing, when Should I Schedule Re-excision?

I had a biopsy on a mole and the result came back as moderate atypia extending to the peripheral margin. The doctor said I should have more removed (re-excised) but the original area is still healing, sore, and hasn't even scabbed yet. Should I wait to schedule my follow-up appt until after the original removal area is completely healed or is it okay for her to re-excise more of the area right away even though it's barely healed?

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Timing forRe- Excision of Suspicous Mole

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As a surgeon who removes many such moles, it is easier for me to remove the scar about 2 weeks after removal of the sutures. However, there is no rule that the lesions must be removed at any time after the biopsy suggests the need for additional removal.

From a patient's perspective, it may be easier to remove the addtional skin at about one week after the original procedure. This will reduce overall the time it takes for your incision site to heal. Feel free to ask your surgeon questions about the biopsy and the status of the margins.

Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

Re-excision after Biopsy of Dysplasia

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Typically, I schedule excisions of dysplastic nevi at least two weeks after the biopsy was performed.  Any infection that may occur from the biopsy should have appeared by this point and could be addressed prior to surgery.  As always, I recommend discussing your individual situation with your dermatologist.

Anthony Perri, MD
Houston Dermatologist

There's no hurry...

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get the mole removed after the original biopsy site heals...better result if the skin isn't inflamed and infected when the surgery takes place...and the overwhelming majority of moderately atypical moles never progress to anything more...so wait two to four weeks or even longer without any worry about the delay

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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Re-excising moles

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I usually wait about 2 weeks in between, but quite honestly it's up to your schedule and what your physician recommends. Two weeks is generally enough time to see if there are any other concerns - infection, etc. But there's no reason to have the original site completely healed, after all, it's coming out.

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