Organizations/dentists That Perform Dental Implants Free?

Due to Hodgkins disease at the age of 17 (now 36) and needing radiation from the tip of my nose to my pelvis, the enamel of my teeth was taken away. I have had dentures since the age of 29 because of this and after numerous fittings, it was told it was in my best interest to get implants. Due to the extreme cost (single mother of 2), does any organization exsist to help @the Milwaukee, WI or greater Chicago area?

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Dental implants after radiation

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Your situation is very uneasy. The fact that the radiation therapy was done many years ago doesn`t lower the risks of osteoradionecrosis, when the part of bone won`t heal and implants will fail. Dental implants unfortunately is not the best option for you because of high risks. Before we go back to any surgical or restorative procedures like implants or extractions after radiation, the patient has to go through Hyberbaric Oxygenation Therapy (HBO) which is a necessary protocol in your situation. Usually the patient gets 2025 procedures and after the treatment additionally 5-10 dives. 

There are the organizations that will be possibly provide the grant for your treatment, due to your unique situation, but again, this question should be decided together with radiation and HBO specialists, as well as OMFS+ Maxillofacial Prosthodontists. There are some possible grants for complicated patients like you from Academy of Osseointegration, Amrican College of Prosthodontists, ADA, etc. 

United way

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I am sorry to hear about it. I think United Way might have organizations or clinics who are offering implant services at reduced rate. They might have contacts where dentists do charity work. Best of luck

Adnan Saleem, DMD
Frisco Dentist

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