Could my "man bulge" been avoided? (Photos)

1 year post-op Tummy Tuck w/ muscle repair. Now left with a lot of extra skin and a disgusting "man bulge". My ps said it was due to poor quality skin but won't give me a revision without me paying for it. Should I consider another doctor? Was this at all avoidable?

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Yes you can get better results

Yes it could have been avoided and you can still correct it...did you have any complications after surgery?  did you develop a seroma/fluid collection?  It is best always to see the surgeon who performed you surgery first and question why the issue was not addressed during surgery; if your not satisfied with their answer then seek others' opinion.  Look at the before/after photos of the surgeon to choose and make sure they show you at least 6 views (front, quarter turn, profile, back and sitting views) from each patient.

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Could my "man bulge" been avoided?

At this point, you can get a much improved result with a revision to remove the excess fat and skin in the lower abdomen. You may also benefit from a mons reduction at the same time. Every patient's skin can stretch after surgery, especially those with thin skin and stretch marks. While there may be a cost involved in doing the revision, I think that you will be very happy with the results once its done.

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It would be helpful to see pre-operative photographs, but looking at your post operative photographs, I think you may have been a candidate for a monsplasty. This is a procedure I commonly perform in patients that have had weight loss.
Every PS has a policy on revisions and was likely a part of your original quote and discussions..

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Tumy tuck and man bulge

Without personal consultation and physical exam it is hard, if not impossible, to give accurate diagnosis.  But to help shed light on the issue, the list below can be of great help.

*  Most surgeons use some form of internal sutures to repair and reshape the abdominal muscles.  By reinforcing the deeper structures, they can resist the effects of unexpected weight gain and pregnancy (although these factors must be avoided as much as possible to preserve the tummy tuck's result).

*  Tummy tuck must also elevate the sagging pubis to avoid the man bulge you are describing.

*  Instead of another tummy tuck, some patients can have liposuction.  However, this is only suitable for removing the residual excess fat. 

*  To give you a peace of mind or to help you further make an informed decision, you may consider seeing two or more surgeons.  Just make sure that they are board certified (ABPS members) and have been regularly offering tummy tucks for a minimum of 10 years. 

For photo reference, you may want to visit the attached link. 

Good luck to you and I hope I have been helpful.

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