Are my implants too tall or diameter too large for my frame? (Photo)

I am 6 mos post-op (BA/Lift). My implants seem very tall. I can also feel them in my armpits. I feel like the implant chosen was not a good fit for my frame. I have Natrelle 115 401cc's in both. In one of my post-op appts, my surgeon commented how great my pecs were & that made the size he went limited (I had no desire to be bigger than I am so thankful for the pecs). The upper fullness has made finding a bra that fits difficult. Am I still adjusting or are they too tall/diameter too large?

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Implants too tall?

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Thank you for your question.  Without the ability to do a physical exam it is impossible to know exactly why you breasts look like they do. I am going to venture a guess based on the photo of your left ( right?) breast that the implants are not too wide but that because they are textured and under the muscle they are stuck in place and have not dropped down to fill out the lower pole of your breast. Because of this it appears as if your breast is hanging over the implant. It is also possible that the muscle was not released enough to allow the implant to drop. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

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