The fat from fat grafting could move down to the eyes? Please help my case. (photo)

I just had my second fat grafting near the eyebrow and many on my forehead. In the past, fat graft never had affect on my eyes. Even yesterday my eyes were fine. Last night i slept laying my head to the left ,could the fat graft from my forehead went down to my eyes? That cause swelling to the eye.this morning when i woke, my left eye looked very swollen and heavy, the under eye of my left eye too is pretty swollen.Im worry whether the fat transferred down to my eyes or just swelling?Pls advise

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Can fat from fat grafting move down to the eyes?

Fat grafting is not like some synthetic fillers that can be pushed out from their original injection site. As long as the grafting procedure was performed correctly it is not going to move after the procedure. Swelling from the procedure will spread into softer areas or follow gravity and move down. This is temporary. 

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Fat Grafting to face with Migration , Swelling Normal for Several Weeks

This could be swelling after your procedure which could take a few weeks to subside. If you're concerned I would contact your doctor.  Best, Dr. Emer

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