13 days post op 375cc Mentor Saline mod. Right after surgery, my right breast a little bigger. Any suggestion? (photo)

I'm not looking for a perfect outcome pre-op my left was lil lower just a tad! Same size is really important to me. experience answers of what my outcome is going to be in terms of the same size have you seen good even outcome in situation like mine? In a tight tank top right now my left looks like a 375cc Sizer my right looks like 325cc sizer that's what i see and how i can communicate the difference? Special thanks PS T. Pousti &ALL you PS in advance for your honest time & answers :)

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Symmetry concerns

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You are too early in your recovery to know how your breasts will settle.  It will take months for the breasts to soften, the swelling to go down, and the breasts to look and feel "more natural". There are many changes that occur especially in these first few weeks.  Don't panic and try to be patient.  I know it's hard.  Continue to follow the instructions given by your plastic surgeon and keep up with follow up appointments.  Good luck.

Just wait

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It's a little early to tell yet.  I warn my patients ahead of time to wait 2-3 months for the implants to drop down to their final position.  It could also be related to the natural asymmetry you already had (don't see a preop picture).  Give it time.  

13 days

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13 days is way too early to judge symmetry.  Many patients with nice even outcome at six months were not even early on during recovery.

Missing from the photos is one that would be most helpful-- a before photo.  When the arms are lifted, they pull the breast tissue with them, so photos are standardized with arms at the sides. The photos with arms at sides look most even. As to volume, it is hard to see on these photos, and hard to interpret anyway this early.

Follow with your surgeon. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

13 days post op

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At only 13 days post operative it is too early to know how things will settle. Typically it takes six weeks to three months for things to settle (implants and swelling). Be patient and continue to follow up with your chosen surgeon.

13 days post

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Thank you for the question and detailed pics.  You are still very early in your post operative period and I recommend that you be patient.   Asymmetry preop means asymmetry after surgery and time will tell how close your sizes will be.  Be patient and follow up with your ps.  Best of luck.  You look great so far. 


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It is too early  to tell at this stage, make sure you follow up with your plastic surgeon.
Ron Hazani MD

Asymmetry After Surgery

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Asymmetry after breast augmentation is common. Not all breasts heal or develop at the same rate and so initially there may be some fluid shifts and swelling different for each side that may lead to a differing appearance initially. Wait until several months post-op before critically examining your results. And always discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon at your follow up visits.

That being said, you should have had a conversation with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery about your anatomy and natural asymmetry. No two breasts are exactly alike and those difference should be pointed out and considered in consultation. I always discuss with patients that pre-op asymmetry will usually be made more prominent with augmentation. Sometimes the asymmetry is significant enough that you and your surgeon might want to consider different approaches or implants types/sizes for each breast to correct that asymmetry. 

Best of luck to you, hope everything turns out great!

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