What has caused my open wound after breast reduction? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post op and am struggling with a complication. I don't know the cause...my surgeon doesn't talk much. It's similar to having a deep, 3rd degree burn I'm seeing a wound specialist now, but the pain is unbearable at times. The surgeon doesn't like giving pain meds and makes me feel terrible for asking:( Mostly, I just want to know tha cause...and what I can do to help it heal. I'm starting hyperbaric this week... (I do keep "spitting" white plastic staples)

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Breast reduction

I am sorry to hear about your complication and that you are struggling. If your PS is not communicating with you appropriately I would ask him/her for a second opinion. This wound will require time and dressings and a lot of regular care. You should never feel terrible for asking for anything and you need help and support at this time. This wound will heal and the stitch spitting will begin to stop.

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