Minor revision for extra cartilage?

I had rhinoplasty a few years ago and I'm happy with the result except there is extra cartilage on one side of my supratip that bothers me a lot and makes my nose look slightly hooked. I'm moved so I'm looking at different doctors in my area to do a minor revision or in office procedure to remove the extra cartilage. Would I still get charged for a full revision or would it be less since I only have this small problem?

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Minor revisions

Thanks for your question. As you mentioned this type of small revision would normally be taken care of by your primary surgeon. Without pictures its hard to tell how complicated the procedure might be. That being said a new surgeon would have a range of costs depending on effort and their philosophy. I would interview some new doctors and see what the cost is. If its high you MAY want to consider traveling to see your original surgeon - especially if they are willing to do it for low cost.

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