Orbital dystopia, ptosis, or both? (photo)

My eyes were symmetrical until a bee stung my right eyelid when I was 12, and I've had uneven eyelids since. Just recently, I also noticed that my right eye seems to sit lower on my face than the left? Is there a way to correct my asymmetry using noninvasive techniques, or should I just not worry about it because people won't notice my uneven eyes?

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Eyelids and Symmetry

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Upper and lower eyelid skin is very thin and sensitive--it is possible that the bee sting you experienced left a lasting imprint on the your right eyelid. Unfortunately there is no way to "fix" this other than eyelid surgery. The good news is that the procedure is relatively straightforward and involves an easy recovery when you choose a plastic surgeon with excellent credentials and plenty of eyelid experience.

As you probably know, human faces are naturally somewhat asymmetrical. It is likely no one notices that your eyes look a little different from each other due to the slight eyelid ptosis of your right eye. (And if that eye is actually lower on the face than the other, it is only by the smallest of measures.) Think about it, when you see your friends or even meet someone new, do you notice how symmetrical their features are?

If your eyelids bother you, arrange a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon and listen to the input you receive. You can then decide to elect eyelid surgery now, later or never. You will feel better informed this way.

Elliot Jacobs, M.D.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Orbital dystopia, ptosis, or both?

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You are reading into the anatomic issues. Best to seek ONLY IN PERSON opinions!!! As for ptosis again even with the posted photos we can only guess via the internet..

Orbital dystopia, eyelid ptosis, or both

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Hello Celia
It is not Orbital Dystopia.
You have a mild upper eyelid ptosis on the right side.
Three features support the diagnosis of Ptosis
1. Your right eyelid margin sits slightly lower
2. The fold is at a higher level ( hence your eye shadow space is bigger ) compared to your left upper eyelid
3. Your right eyebrow is raised slightly as a compensatory mechanism.

The Bee Sting would have caused a lot of swelling and fluid build up in the upper eyelid. This fluid could have stretched and possibly ruptured or weakened the 'wispy thin' ligamentous attachment between the tendon (that lifts your eyelid)  and the eyelid skin. If it was only weakened, then they would have gradually ruptured over the ensuing years due to wear and tear. I have seen something similar in Asian patients following sporting injuries where there is some bleeding in the upper eyelid and the blood stretches and ruptures these ligamentous attachments.
Sadly there is nothing non invasive and you can leave it alone. As time goes by it will be more evident  and you could then chose to get a Surgical Procedure ( on both the eyelids) otherwise they will look different

There are no noninvasive means of fixing this.

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What you need is very careful double fold surgery with anchor blepharoplasty.  A personal assessment is need to determine if ptosis surgery needs to be a part of your surgical procedures.  Before moving forward you need to be certain that the surgeon will preserve the essential Asian character of the upper eyelids.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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