Orbital Dystopia and Eyelid Asymmetry - What Are the Consequences?

I have eyelid asymmetry due to my left side of my face having muscles lower than the right. Also, on the left side, the muscles are stronger- when I smile, the muscles orient towards the left. On that same side, the eye is smaller (deeper in the socket), and the eyebrow is a bit lower. It is pretty noticeable. If I have this corrected to have eyelid asymmetry, will this mess up the orientation of my eyelids? Will my right eyelid adjust to compensate for the left eyelid muscle being lifted?

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Dear 184362

Unfortunately, your question is much too hypothetical to answer.  In general, no one's face is symmetrical.  It is important to have smile lines when you smile.  These lines tell people that you are genuine when you smile.  They are looking for the lines not assessing if the lines are symmetric between the two halves of the face.  When you stand in front of the mirror and make a forced smile, you are of course exaggerating facial features.  However, this type of an assessment should not be the basis for wanting a surgery.  

I would recommend seeking out some oculoplastic surgeons in your area for consultation if you really want answers for your questions.  Good luck.

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