Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, Will Orbital Decompression Help With Bulging Eyes?

Hello Okay brief history, when I was younger I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which has since then be treated, however it has caused my eyes to portrude more than they had previous to the disease. It isnt a severe buldge but my eyes extend alot farther out than my skull causing my eyelids to portrude which results in a dark, shadowy look underneath my eyes as well as making my eyes appear as if theyre not open all the way. My question is, will decompression aid in flattening my eyes?

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Bulging eyes due to hyperthyroidism

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Thyroid eye disease not only causes the eyes to bulge forward, but also causes the eyelid to be pulled back (retraction).  Sometimes the main problem is the eyelid retraction, which only appears to make the eyes bulge.  An orbital/oculoplastic surgeon can make specific measurements of your eye and eyelid positions and best advise you on which surgery will be of most benefit.

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Orbital decompression for effects of hyperthyroidism

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  Yes.  Of course, orbital decompression will help settle the eyes back in to relieve the exophthalmos created by thyroid eye disease.  But eyelid surgery may be all that you require.  I would suggest that you seek an oculofacial plastic surgeon for best advice and treatment.  See the directory at asoprs.org.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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