Is It Possible to Go for an Orbital Decompression Purely from a Cosmetic Standpoint?

What are the possible side-effects from it? Are there alternative methods to deepen eyes?

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Orbital Decompression and deepening Eyes

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A youthful look is associated with full eyes. An attractive face does NOT have sunken eyes. Sunken eyes are a sign of disease and advance age.

While some disease processes (such as uncontrolled Hyperthyroidism) are associated with bulging eyes (due to inflammatory increase in the volume of the fat under the eyeball, this is not common. In rare cases, the side wall of the eye socket is released, in effect enlarging the volume and allowing the eyeball to fall back in. Alternatively, aggressive removal of some of the under the eye fat would achieve the same purpose.

The trouble is that we all lose fat volume with age and the result is a very unflattering sunken eye which very few surgeons would like to produce much less associate themselves with.

Think about this VERY carefully.

Dr. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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