I am 9 weeks after breast augmentation, 360 under the muscle, my recovery went great, so can I return to gym normally?

Plank, squats with weights on smith machine, can i lift in hands weights and how many?Can i workout upper body?my trainer suggested me planks, upper body workout ..deadlift i am afraid , can i do that? I cant ask my surgeon he doesnt have time :( i am so confused i am starting gym in twi days and i dont know which are my limitations :( best regards!

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Gym and BA

Thank you for your question. It is up to your surgeon your level of activity. He/she will know about your healing. So please talk to your surgeon. 

I am 9 weeks after breast augmentation, 360 under the muscle, my recovery went great, so can I return to gym normally?

Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your surgery. Each surgeon will have their own restrictions for patients after surgery based on the procedures performed and how your healing process has gone, so clear any surgery with your plastic surgeon.  Typically after 9 weeks you can start to return to all of your previous activities by slowly working back into them.  Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your inquiry, but without examining you and monitoring your progress it is hard to advise and each surgeon has their own protocols for return to activity. Please retry to get those answers from your surgeon and I am happy you have had a great recovery.  

Gym after breast aug

Hello and thank you for your question. Every plastic surgeon has his/her own way of doing things including how they suggest one should return to normal activity. You should make an appointment with your plastic surgeon or try to get a hold of him on the phone and discuss this with him. At every visit I discuss with my patients how they can progress and what they can and cant do. I see my patients frequently for the 1st 6 weeks then space out the visits to the 3 month, 6 month and 1 year mark after surgery. At the 6 week mark I tell my patients that they can slowly work back up to lifting weights over a span of a couple of weeks. First start with no weight and then slowly start to add. I recommend to avoid dedicated chest exercises such as bench, push ups, flys etc...I tell them that lower body exercises are ok. Hopefully you are able to get a hold of him or make an appointment to be seen.

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