Four Month Post Op - Do I have muscle deformity left breast? (photos)

Four month post op and my left breast has a large implant making it visibly larger. Now, I'm noticing that when I flex, the left implant squeezing up very high and the brest looks deformed, while the right breast is soft and very low. I know that know two breasts are perfect, but I did stress that I wanted them as close as possible. The left was smaller and a bigger implant was used, but I would think that the right implant would have been larger than what was used to make them closer in size

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Implant and animation

Yes, you have some animation issue with flexion. This can happen with implants below the muscle. It is a trade-off, but if you have enough tissue the implants can be moved above the  muscle.

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Four Month Post Op - Do I have muscle deformity left breast?

Thank you for your question and photographs.  I agree with your assessment of an animation deformity with your left breast when you contract your chest muscle.  This is a possible side effect from placement of implants below the muscle, and whose only correction comes with replacing the implant underneath your breast tissue and above the muscle.  Though the animation deformity can cause distress to patients it does not cause issues or complications with your implants or your results.  If at six months your size differences and animation issues continue to trouble you it may be best to have a revision surgery. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Do I have a muscle deformity?

I would definitely agree with you that based on your pics, you left breast appears larger than the right after surgery but a single front-on view doesn't always tell the whole story.  Using two different sized implants for two different sized breasts can certainly be tricky.  Regarding the movement of the implant when you flex your pectoral muscle, this is a fairly common side effect from placing the implant into the submuscular position.  When you flex the muscle, the implant is displaced and the breast appears misshapen.  This is known as "animation deformity" since it occurs when the muscle is flexed or "animated".  Replacing the implant in a position under the breast but over the muscle can treat this problem but can lead to other problems.  If your size and the animation deformity are both particularly troubling, you may want to discuss a revision surgery with your surgeon after you have healed for a total of 6-12 months.  Best of luck.

Jeffrey A. Sweat, MD
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Deformed breast following under muscle placement

Sorry to say but , yes, you do have the typical deformity of your breast after under muscle implant placement. As you say, the problem is worse when you flex. Ask 10 patients who have under muscle implants a few years later how much they like it when they are at the gym and their breasts jump apart with exercise.I am also sorry that so many of my colleagues, and thus patients, are on this bandwagon to think that under muscle is the only way to go. There are always two sides to every story. Patients should be told both advantages and disadvantages.Good luck to you.

Richard Sadove, MD
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