Am I a good candidate for implants post-weight loss, or do I need a lift as well? (Photos)

One doc says my breasts sit too low for for implants alone, and another says an implant will be sufficient to fill me out. I am in my 20s, 125 lbs and usually measure at 32C. If it matters, I plan on having kids, but not for at least 7 yrs. I am tired of being self-conscious, and just want my breasts to look full/natural/firm. I like the idea of my nipples being smaller/higher, but not at the cost of a major scar (lollipop or anchor), if that would be needed. I highly value your input and time.

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If you want your breasts to look full/natural/firm with smaller/higher nipples, scarring is the price to be paid with a lift.


Your breasts appear in the photos to be low and your areolas are larger than you desire. Implants alone add more weight to your breasts and gravity will make them lower....  The areolas may stretch, as well, with the implants.

Without an examination, it is not possible to see whether implants alone are a possiblility for your breast care. Your objectives may lead you to have a lift to meet your needs.

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Am I a good candidate for implants post-weight loss, or do I need a lift as well?

You absolutely will require a full mastopexy with or without implants depending on your size goal.An implant alone would not be an option. Best of luck.

Janet Woodyard, MD
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Breast lift most likely needed

The majority of your breast tissue, along with your nipples/areolae sit below your breast crease. For this reason, you’d probably need a full breast lift with your augmentation. This would make your breasts sit higher on your chest and project forward more for a natural result. Without a breast lift, the weight of the implants would just make your breasts sag more.

Leila Kasrai, MD, FRCSC
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Will implants correct big, sagging breasts??

The first question that you have to ask yourself is, are happy with your size? If you are comfortable and secure with the size of your “C” cup breasts, than you do not need an implant. Any implant will add volume, and clearly your skin and tissues cannot handle your current breast weight. Add more volume and weight, and you will look the same or worse in a few years.....and out thousands of dollars. Reality check, if you want your breasts to be higher on your chest, with a rounder, more youthful shape, you need a lift.

I would suggest that you visit a board certified plastic surgeon that can perform a Vectra 3D simulation. You can visualize yourself with a lift alone, or an implant, or a lift plus an implant. It is 2016; you should be able to learn about all your options before you decide on a procedure. Then pick a safe and long-lasting procedure.

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5 reasons why you need a lift with your implants

Thank you for your question.  Based on your photos which show low positioned breasts with a good amount of pseudootosis, you would need a breast lift in addition to implants for optimal results.  The breast lift would do the following:

1. Lift the breasts to an appropriate position

2. Correct the nipple position

3. Make the breasts perkier and rounder

4. Reduce the areola size if desired

5. Prevent a double bubble deformity by not having the implants and breast tissue at different levels

Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck! 

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
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Dr Kayser

Thank you for your question. Based on your question, you have to determine whether or not you want to be bigger, and adding an implant will necessarily make you bigger. If you are content with your current cup size, then a breast lift will be the appropriate Choice, understanding that you would have scars placed as well.

Your surgeon may suggest that an implant is helpful in providing upper pole fullness, however, an implant is a man-made device which will necessarily, at some point in your life, have to be removed and or replaced for any number of issues related to mal-positioning, leak or capsular scar tissue problems and with that, additional costs and surgery in the future. If you have enough of your own tissue a breast lift alone is absolutely the correct procedure. Your breast size will not be reduced unless a reduction of tissue is undertaken as well. 

Finally it is important to know that with certain techniques, such as the SPAIR approach, internal shaping is possible but if you feel that you want further fullness to the upper portion of the breast, the option of adding fat grafts would be much more practical and long-term efficient than an implant. I would certainly encourage you to view the video attached below and consider another consultation by a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in these matters. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr. Kayser - Detroit

Melek Kayser, MD
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Implants and a lift

It looks like you need implants and a lift.  Best to be seen in person to determine what is best for you. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implants plus or minus lift

If you are OK where your breast footprint lies on your chest, then simply go with implants. However, if you want your breasts lifted to any degree, simply placing an implant will not do this.  It all depends on what  type of look you are searching for and if you are OK with tolerating a scar. 

I recommend an in-office examination as well as a detailed discussion with a surgeon who you are comfortable with and who is a Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Desai

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Implants with lift

Unfortunately, implants alone wI'll not give the results you desire. They will only make you fuller on top, which may look ok in a bra, but your breasts will still be low over the implants.

From large weight loss, you also need a full lift with implants for higher, firm breasts.

An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss your options and expectations.

Harry T. Haramis, MD, FACS
Montclair Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants and periareola lift

You are a beautiful woman weather you have a procedure or not. see a board certified ASAPS plastic surgeon for advise. Vectra 3 dimensional imaging maybe helpful. I think you would benefit from a periareola breast lift at the very least with your augmentation, because your breast tissue is all beneath the Inframammary fold. Good luck….

Larry Weinstein, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon
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