Are these abnormalities normal on the upper sides of my nose? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty this year on April 3. I had a hump removed, nose tip reduction and sides were shaved a bit. It is now 4months after my surgery and at first everything seemed to be going great when all of a sudden I was starting to notice all these bumps which don't seem to be solid but wasn't there this first month. I taped my nose almost every day the first month but when I noticed these irregularities I stopped and blamed it on the taping. Information

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It is still early in the healing process...

When a bump is taken down, the bones are usually brought back together, and then the healing process begins. As bone heals together, swelling can persist for many months, which will eventually resolve. Also, as bone heals, sometimes small bony calluses can form which may need to be filed down in time. The answer should be able to be determined by your surgeon who can examine and tell you exactly what is happening. Good luck.

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Changes after rhinoplasty

Your nose will evolve over one year after a rhinoplasty.  Changes that occur or bumps that you notice should be evaluated in person by your surgeon to see if they are long term or only temporary findings.  Good luck, 

Gaurav Bharti

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Bumps on the nose

Bumps or irregularities on the nasal dorsum are usually secondary to dorsal rasping and nasal bone infracturing.  Sometimes the require additional rasping to even out areas that are not apparent at the time of surgery or shortly thereafter.  Mention these concerns to your surgeon. 

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Bumps after rhinoplasty

The person who can help you most is your surgeon. Many things can cause bumps or irregularities. Your nose looks very nice in the post-op photos.

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Bumps on the sides of the nose after rhinoplasty

Dear Kmellow13,

  • I think you should visit your surgeon who can examine you and explain what is going on
  • These bumps can be part of the healing process, or they can be bony irregularities, or scar tissue
  • They can also be from grafts that might have been placed, or even suture knots
  • So you can see, they can be any number of issues, and it is best to see your surgeon

Nima Shemirani

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