What the Meaning for This Procedures Bilateral Breast Hypertrophy (611.1) N Bilateral Breast Reduction?

breast I am 38 d I weight 168 I am 5/5 I have 5 children

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Bilateral Breast Hypertrophy

Thank you for the question. Bilateral Hypertrophy means large breasts. 611.1 is a diagnostic code used for  health insurance .

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Breast Hypertrophy

This simply means enlarged breasts.  the 611.1 is a numerical classification indicating that condition (ICD- international classification of diseases). It is used to identify a condition without ambiguity for insurance purposes.  A reduction is a procedure that has a procedure code associated with it too.

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What the Meaning

The diagnosis is breast hypertrophy, or large breasts. The diagnostic code for this is 611.1, a code used by all insurers. The operation is breast reduction.

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Bilateral Breast Hypertrophy and Breast Reduction

    Bilateral breast hypertrophy is just a diagnosis of large breasts, which can be treated with a breast reduction.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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