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I'm looking for a doctor/practitioner in Orange Country that uses brand vitrase to dissolve juverderm under the eyes. I had juv syringe (1) under each eye 1.5 year ago & it's still there (was actually done on upper cheeks) - have had it dissolved many times by 3 diff places (2 dr.s, 1 nurse). Vitrase dissolves it better. but it's still there - it moved around & now it's horribly lumpy (under both eyes). i'm very self conscious about it. Yes - it's juvederm (not anything else).

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Hyaluronidase to dissolve Juvederm under eyes

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The brand of hyaluronidase you use is not as important as the amount used.  In my practice in Orange County hyaluronidase is often used to fix cases such as yours, but the brand doesn't seem to matter.  If you had Juvederm Plus more may need to be injected, than if you had Juvederm Ultra.  You might also have something else going on that could give the impression that you still have Juvederm under your eyes.  Veins, for example, may look blue under eyes and become more visible as your skin thins as you age.  I occasionally see patients who have blue discoloration below their eyes which is solely due to their own veins becoming more visible as they age.  I would have to see you to determine if you do indeed still have Juvederm present.  Please call our office if you would like a consultation.

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