What type of breast implats are better for a lift with implant? Between Sientra and Natrelle.

Two doctors to choose from and they work with different implants ... Between Sientra and netrelle which one are safer, better quality and why? I want them to look sexy and perky but not obviously fake! Please advise

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The most important choice is surgeon, NOT implant manufacturer.

All three USA implant manufacturers make FDA-approved implants, each with slight differences that they hope distinguish them from their competitors. Sientra (Silimed) sell their implants only to ABPS-certified plastic surgeons, whereas Mentor and Allergan sell their implants to any licensed physician, regardless of specialty, which is why there are dermatologists, family practitioners, general surgeons, and doctors of other specialties who have decided that they want to perform cosmetic surgery and breast implant placement without complete plastic surgical training and certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, an ABMS member Board.

(The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is NOT an ABMS member, but is a "board" comprised of doctors from various specialties who would rather tout their self-designated cosmetic "certification"  than their original training, be it Dermatology, Family Practice, Ob/Gyn, or whatever.) So I like Sientra's stand on this, but that does not make Mentor or Allergan's implants less "good."

All 3 manufacturers' implants are "safe," and in my opinion, none is "safer" than another. All are high quality and all come with lifetime replacement policies and 10-year surgical cost assistance. Just like car manufacturers, the companies each are trying to provide better and more extensive "warranties" to outshine their worthy competitors.

Just like implant companies, plastic surgeons (and the "cosmetic surgeon" wannabees noted earlier) come in varying degrees of training, expertise, experience, and skill, not to mention the types of plastic surgical cases they perform routinely. Volume does not automatically create excellence, but if a surgeon does a lot of breast surgery, s/he tends to either get better over time, or occasionally "jaded" and less attuned to patient needs and differences. This is your real challenge--choose your surgeon not on the basis of which implants s/he uses, but rather on your consultation, before and after photographs, and information presented. For example, click on the web reference link below to read my Comprehensive Guide to Breast Augmentation. Your chosen surgeon should address all of the things included in this (long 2-part) article. If not, what other corners are being cut? Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Implant selection

Either implant works well.  Your selection of the right surgeon is the most important decision you can make.  The brand of imolant is less important.
Ronald J. Edelson, MD
Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Difference between Allergan Natrelle and Sientra implants

Natrelle, Sientra, and Mentor are all great implant companies and you would do well with the appropriate implant. See below link to determine size. However, only Sientra implants have a warranty up to 5 years against capsular contracture, plus they only sell them to board certified plastic surgeons whereas Allergan Natrelle and Mentor implants are sold to any doctor. 
Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Options for Breast Augmentation with Lift

When Natrelle and Sientra implants of the same size, shape and profile are compared to each other, it's virtually impossible to see differences in their appearance. In your case, both implants would create similar amounts of upper breast fullness.

Despite these similarities in appearance, important differences do exist between these implants. For instance, there's no question that form stable Sientra implants have more firmness than Natrelle silicone implants. For this reason, Sientra implants are associated with less rippling.In addition, Sientra implants are associated with less silicone bleed, capsular contracture rates and implant rupture rates.

It's important to realize that no two patients are ever exactly alike and for this reason, the selection of breast implants needs to be individualized. It's also important to realize that all breast implants have advantages and disadvantages as well. In most patients, the choice doesn't make a difference, but rarely when patients have significant concerns about implant rupture and capsule formation, Sientra implants may be a better choice.

If you're considering breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, it's important to discuss this issue with a board certified plastic surgeon. This surgeon should be able to clarify this issue.

Implant choices

There are more implant choices today than ever. You have only mentioned two companies that manufacture breast implants. All of the devices have been subject to rigorous testing prior to approval by the FDA. Each device has its unique advantages and disadvantages.
Your surgeons have elected to use the devices you mentioned because they get the best results with those devices. They each have their reasons for  why they do what they do.

It is more important that you have a good relationship with your surgeon and are able to communicate exactly what you want than to be concerned about which device is better. Both devices are excellent. Make sure your surgeon shares your aesthetic and can show you photos with results you hope to achieve. For further comfort ask to speak with women who have had the surgery performed by your surgeon and speak with them directly.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful.
Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS
Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS
Corona Del Mar Plastic Surgeon
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Which implant to use with my augmentation and lift

Hi and thanks for the question. All the brands are excellent. If there was one best implant we would all use it. The size and style of the implant will be much more important in determining your outcome. Perhaps more important is the the manner in which your surgeon does your lift. The way your surgeon shapes your breast and repositions your nipples will have a lot to do with how good your breasts look after the surgery. I would suggest that you should choose your surgeon based on what their plan is for your lift. Make sure you like the results they show you. Don't stress about the type of implant. Good luck.

Dr. J

What brand of breast implants are better for a lift with implant? Between Sientra and Natrelle

Excellent question.  Available implant brands are much more alike then different.  They are all manufactured with exceedingly high (beyond six sigma) standards for durability, biocompatibility, safety, sterility, and quality.  There are minor differences in surface texturing, consistency of gel, dimensions, and other features.  My inclination is that all three available FDA approved brands (Mentor/MemoryGel, Allergan/Natrelle, and Sientra/Silimed) are excellent, that none is better for everyone, but in a given situation, depending on available dimensions, skin thickness, breast volume, preferred breast shape, skin type, and other factors, I may choose one brand over another.  This selection is based on individual implant and patient features however, not implant features alone.
Steve Laverson, MD
Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Best implant with a lift

This is purely based on your measurements and desired look. Both implant companies make excellent implants that are safe and give good results but they do vary in size and shape. The textured Sientra implants tend to have more projection because of a higher fill ratio. Discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon and he or she can guide your decision. Some plastic surgeons will use exclusively one implant company for their own reasons. Good luck

Surgeon more important than implant brand

Natrelle implants (manufactured by Allergan) and Sientra implants have both passed numerous safety and quality assessments, in order to receive approval from the FDA. More important than the brand choice is your choice of a surgeon whom you trust and feel comfortable with.
Andres Taleisnik, MD
Andres Taleisnik, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Sientra Vs. Natrelle Breast Implants Vs. Fat grafting to the breasts

Sientra, Natrelle and Mentor all make breast implants that are FDA approved for use in the United States. There are times when a particulr size and shape of implant from one manufacturer is the best decision. There are other times when no implant at all is best.  In some cases, a patient has enough breast tissue so that an auto-augmentation mastopexy can provide the upper pole fullness a woman desires without the need of an implant. In other cases, structural fat grafting in addition to a breast lift can provide the ideal result. 

The way to get the best custom surgical plan for you is to find a plastic surgeon who has worked with all of the breast implant brands, and has experience with auto-augmentation mastopexy and fat grafting to the breasts. 

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