TT incision 7 wks post op. (photos)

I will be 7 wks post op TT w/hernia repair on 8/26.At 2.5 wks postop steristrip fell off and incision on 1 side was splitting and Ps started Dakins dressing 1x a day. At 6 weeks post op)he debrided the area and started me on Cipro 2x a day for 6 days, continue Dakins 1x a day. Office called and r/s my 8/25 appt. to 8/31.I feel that I am not getting the proper f/u care since this is the 3rd appt. that they have called either the day before or day of and r/s because ps surgery schedule changed.

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It is appropriate to take antibiotics if the surgeon thinks the wound is infected.  It is also appropriate to pack an open wound until it heals.  However, if you feel the office is not giving you the attention you need, you should talk to them about it.  Most surgeons want the opportunity to treat their own complications.

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