Scar revision - Itchy and bumby 3 weeks PO. (photo)

Just curious to see if this wound looks like it needs debriding or if it looks like it's on it's way to healing .. Right now I'm just cleaning with water and applying triple antibiotic about 3-4xs/day. Thanks!

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Irregular healing after a tummy tuck.

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Wounds like this are not particularly on common after a tummy tuck. You should have your plastic surgeon assess the area. They may choose to debride this or perhaps just let it heal as is. Instructions for wound care should come from them. If, after a few months, you are not satisfied with the appearance, sometimes a small revision is indicated.

Your Surgeon's Input

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You want to have your surgeon take a look and advise you here. Most small tummy tuck wound issues heal but can do so with less scarring and more quickly with the right care. The condition of the wound is not completely assessed via an image on the Internet. 
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John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
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