Saline nasal tip gently tapped nostril - enough to move it- could it shift my graft? 10 days post op.

Hi, I had septorhinoplasty done 10 days ago.. and as I was using the nasal saline spray, my hand twitched but I was trying to be super careful- and the nozzle kind of touched/tapped my nostril... not hard but enough to make it visibely shift to the side. could a tap from the nozzle shift my graft in that area?? also- realistically speaking how much force would it take to shift a graft out of its position because I literally have no idea and assume that anything can move it....

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Post op tip grafting

it really depends how the graft was secured and the force that was generated. You should consult your surgeon because only he/she can answer that.

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Rhinoplasty: accidental bumps and grafts

Accidental bumps happen after rhinoplasty. That is why an external cast stays on for the first week, while the nose is starting to set. It protects the nose while you get used to it. 
Minor bumps and touches will likely have no effect on the end result. As grafts are secured in place with internal stitching, it would take a lot of force and big shift in your nose position to affect the grafts. 
Major bumps, bleeding, or pain should be evaluated by your surgeon as soon as possible. Safety comes first. 

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