Can Porcelain Bridge shape be affected by overheating during color adjustment? (photos)

I'm getting a porcelain bridge done and we had the structure the way I liked it. We gave it to the lab to have color adjusted and now it looks like there's dents on the teeth and the form looks different. Could the heat when applying the color have changed the shape of the bridge and somehow dented the teeth? Also there seems to be less definition between the teeth they look more flat as if they slightly melted.

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Can Porcelain Bridge Change Shape?

Based on the two pictures provided, it looks to me like porcelain was added to the original bridge to change not only the color but the shape of the teeth. If you are not perfectly happy with the bridge, make sure they don't cement it permanently; otherwise they will have to cut the bridge to get it off.

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Porcelain shape change due to heat


Shape of porcelain can change while changing the color of the bridge if there is over heating due to wrong setting being used.


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Porcelain bridge

These do appear to look very differently. It is possible to have porcelain change when it is being fired if the incorrect setting was used. If you liked the contours of the original don't cement the second product until it is back to the way you like the contour. 

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