Is It Normal 4 Yellow/green Stuff to Re-appear 5 Hrs of Debriding? Must the Hole Get Bigger to Promote Healthier Flesh? (photo)

My PS told me we need to get aggressive on wound care for my fat necrosis hole TT incision line. He's debrided 4x's in about a 1.5 wks & actually go back again 2day before I leave for Oahu on Fri8/16. I'm just over 5 wks PO, placed me on Levofloxacin, wet-to-dry saline packing 4-5x's/day w/ 2-2x2 gauze. I've finally seen some yucky stuff attach itself to the gauze but my concern is w/ my healing on the slower side w/ more dead tissue, will debriding cause the hole to get bigger each time?

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Infection and tissue loss after Tummy Tuck

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Looks like your doctor is doing all correct.  Keep up with his advice and you will be fine.  You could lose more tissue or possibly not.  The wound may simply close and then you can have a revision in 6 months.  My Best,  Dr C

Wound healing, infection and drainage after an abdominoplasty

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The tissue that you see in the wound is most likely some necrotic fat.  This was eventually liquefy and drain.   The process of healing this type of wound can be slow but it will eventually heal and if there is a residual scar it can be revised.  

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