Is it normal for my right breast to look larger & fuller than my left? Will my breasts get larger after dropping? (photo)

I just had a breast augmentation last week (7/11) I'm 5'3/118 pounds. I had surgery bc my breasts sagged a lot after breastfeeding for almost 2 years. I was a 32A, not sure of my current bra size. I got 430cc (L breast) & 450 cc (R breast) saline implants. I also had a cyst removed from my R breast. Will my breasts get larger after my implants drop? What is my current bra size? Btw I kinda regret not going larger

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Your feeling is a common one

as most of my patients wish they went larger.  BUT you look great and it fits your body dimensions and is a huge improvement over where you started from.  So work with your surgeon, heal as best you can, and enjoy your new look for years to come.  As your implants settle, you will lose fullness on top and gain it on the bottom half.  The size will not get larger.

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Is it normal for my right breast to look larger & fuller than my left? Will my breasts get larger after dropping?

Few patients are symmetric perfectly. It is very normal to be asymmetric to a degree. The implants may settle at a different pace and eventually will take on great shape. But it is very early in the healing process and it will take about 3 months for the skin and muscle to stretch and the implants settle. Hang in there. 

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Is this normal?

Hello and thank you for your question and providing photos to evaluate.
To answer your Title's question, yes this is very normal. After breast augmentation we will almost always see the two breasts heal at different rate and that means one will "drop" before the other, causing asymmetry and concern. Your breast size will not get larger, but people say that with the "drop and fluff" stage that your breast will have the appearance of being fuller and natural. Your implants are looking great and you are healing exceptionally - congratulations on your surgery!

Best wishes

Traci Temmen, MD 
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Traci Temmen, MD
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Your breasts will not get larger, but your tissue will relax and let the implants settle. Really large implants may be too heavy and cause some neck and shoulder discomfort. Give yourself time to adjust to your new look. Remember, this is the size that you and your surgeon selected.

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Residual asymmetry

Your left breast is still larger than the right and sitting higher. You will likely need a revision at which time you can go larger. Please see examples below.

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