Mona Lisa Touch and urinary health. Any suggestions?

Can the Mona Lisa touch help with symptoms of urinary frequency? I was considering getting botox injected into my bladder but my OB GYN suggested the Mona Lisa touch might help.

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Mona Lisa May Help Urinary Frequency and Urinary Incontinence

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Although it is possible that the Mona Lisa Touch may help you with urinary frequency, there is no guarantee that the Mona Lisa will improve/resolve it.  If you have other issues such as symptoms of vaginal atrophy or painful intercourse, then it may be worth a try as you are more likely to experience benefit for these issues and you will not be too disappointed if you get no benefit in urinary frequency. I generally do not recommend the Mona Lisa Touch if the patient's only problem is urinary frequency. I recommend that you get a second opinion to further evaluate your urinary frequency before embarking on Botox injections or the Mona Lisa.

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Can the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser help with urinary frequency?

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Urinary frequency can be a secondary symptom of the genital urinary symptoms of menopause, which is what the MonaLisa Touch laser is FDA approved for.  That being said you should have a thorough evaluation for your symptoms because there are other causes of urinary frequency which is a fairly non-specific symptom.  If, after a trial of therapy directed at the treatment of Over Active Bladder it has been determined that your frequency is due to vaginal atrophy then you can certainly try the vaginal laser.

Urinary frequency is a symptom, not a diagnosis. You need a full evaluation, not a wild guess as to what might fix it.

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Urinary frequency is a symptom with multiple causes. The treatment depends on the reason for the frequency. Until you've been evaluated, an effective solution for your specific problem cannot be entertained.

MonaLisa Touch (MLT) for urinary frequency?

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Assuming bladder infection has been ruled out, overactive bladder (OAB) is the most likely cause of the frequency. It is also characterized by urgency with or without urinary incontinence. Botox is very effective for this but is considered as a third line treatment with the first two being behavior modification and medications such as an anticholinergic or mirabregon. MLT is often very helpful with OAB, but it should not be considered as a primary treatment option. If you have vaginal atrophy, then MLT would definitely be an option to treat that and a secondary benefit would then be for the uriinary frequency. 

Urinary frequency helped?

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I am assuming that your OBGYN/Urologist did a thorough workup for this problem and left you with the diagnosis of dysfunctional (irritable) bladder. If this has not been done, do it. Now, off label use of MonaLisaTouch has resulted in less irritability of ladder (off label means anecdotal, not studied, hard to understand results or make predictions). The cost is not so high as to make this unreachable and it may help (anecdotal without evidence but some MD experience). Good Luck.

MonaLisa Touch and urgency

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MonaLisa Touch was designed to target Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause. So if you are suffering a combination of vaginal
dryness and pain with intercourse, this is the treatment for you. Urinary urgency has been found to be reduced after the MonaLisa Touch treatments as well. There is always as chance you may need additional therapy with Botox or medication depending on the severity of your urinary urgency, but the MonaLisa Touch may be a great place to start. 

Urinary incontinence and CO2 laser

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If you are having urinary incontinence, get a work up first...urine culture, urodynamic studies and journal/log review.  If indeed you have stress incontinence, then CO2 laser may have a benefit.  It is early to say what kind of correction you will receive and what the longevity of this procedure may be, but because there is virtually no down time, it is worth considering.  

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