Should I massage/mess with scar/crease/flap that's been created? Could it be glue pinching skin together? Suggest gels/creams?

im just under 3 wks post breast lift. Steri tape is just now beginning to peel up. Noticed just under one breast that some skin is now hardened and has formed a raised crease or wrinkle... My actual incision appears further down than this skin deformity. Should I rub this area? I do not want to irritate it. Is scar remediation necessary sooner than later? I would hate to have a raised pinched skin wrinkle under one breast . Would appreciate any information on the topic. Many thanks!

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Breast Lift Question


It is completely unclear what this is and no photos are provided.  So, recommendations as to what to do are not available. Please visit you surgeon to discuss with him. 

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