What lasers do you use for acne scarring? Fraxel Repair, Ultrapulse, etc?

What lasers do you use for acne scarring? Fraxel Repair, Ultrapulse, etc? I've heard Ultrapulse is significantly better than Fraxel, effectiveness wise and cost wise, but most offices seem to still be using Fraxel these days. Why is that?

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Always treat the acne scar type with a METHOD and never a laser

See the video for a full explanation. Some scars do best with simple methods such as punch excision, or TCA CROSS, examples include ice pick scars, whilst others do best with fillers. A good Specialist will ALWAYS find a method not a laser for your scar type. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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Go with the best--Laser treatment for acne scarring (co2, fraxel), microneedling/prp

The best treatment is fractional co2 laser or fractional nonablative. It all depends on what type of downtime you are willing to under go.  Likely also doing TCA cross and/or microneedling/prp on top would give an even better improvement.  You should see an acne scarring expert for a formal evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer.

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