I had Radiesse from a year ago and recently had side effect; hard lumps and inflammation. How would you treat it?

My face has hard lumps and inflammation on lower side of cheek area. Biopsy shows signs of Calcium. Jervaderm over 7mo,s ago and Radiesee over a year ago. Taking Cipro antibiotic - Doctor would like to try steroid injections next...What side effects with steroids?

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Radiesse Results- Consider Steroid/5fu, skin tightening, lasers

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If you are unhappy with your results there are options for treatment including steroid/5fu injections, skin tightening and lasers. Typically, side effects of steroid injections are minimal and may include bruising or pain at the injection site. Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Radiesse and hard lumps

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I agree with your doc's treatment plan - this could be a biofilm reaction.  Side effects of local steroid injection include but are not limited to infection, skin necrosis and ulceration.

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