I had lipo two months ago on my tummy and inner thighs. I have an indentation on my inner thigh and dent in tummy (Photo)

I had lipo two months and a week ago and it's been a rough recovery. I'm very worried because everything looks weird. I have an indentation in my inner thigh. It's almost concave. Also, my stomach is dented. My doctor says this is normal and will go away. I feel like this isn't normal. In the photos I'm posting, I sucked my stomach in on one to make the indents more apparent to see. Do these things resolve themselves? How long until I will see a real difference?

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Contour Irregularities after Liposuction: What to Do

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Thank you for your question regarding contour irregularities after liposuction.  Sometimes, you can develop an adhesion (an area which is stuck-down) which can resolve over time.  It would be worth discussing your findings with your doctor to see if you can massage the area to release any potential adhesion.

If on the other hand, the contour is irregular because of excessive fat removal, there are several options for correction.  First, you would need to wait for a number of additional months for any revision.  Next, some additional "feathering" lipo can be done to soften the indented areas.  This can be combined with fat grafting or fat transfer to add fat back to the areas which may be overly suctioned.  These options can give real improvement!

Start by discussing your concerns with your doctor.  Formulate a timeline and treatment plan with him/her.   These corrections, if necessary, are routine for any experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes....

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Contour irregularities.

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Thanks for your questions. You have some contour irregularities which might get better over time. I suggest you continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon. About 6 months after surgery, you will know if anything needs to be done and if these will persist. Irregularities are very common and can occur in upwards of 20% of patients and are a well known risk of liposuction. Fat injections would likely be the best way to treat these in the future. Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Might get a little better with time

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you will need to wait a good 6 months for everything to settle to see how things will look with time. However, it appears you have some areas that have significant contour irregularities that are not likely to resolve with time. With that said, wait the 6 months, f/u with your surgeon as directed and see how things settle out. 

Liposuction - concerns about result at 2 months

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Thank you for asking about your liposuction.

  • hard as it is, after liposuction there is nothing to do for at least six months.
  • Things improve a lot during this time and may take longer to finish healing.
  • I wish I could tell you how things will turn out but there is not way to know without waiting.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Liposuction Irregularities

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Although there is still the likelihood of swelling, which massage may help disperse, I do not think these areas will smooth sufficiently with time or resolution of swelling.  Is your surgeon an ABPS certified/ASAPS member that does revision surgery? If not, cut your loses now and get some second opinions with a few surgeons who are. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Irregularities after lipo

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Well it looks irregular. Photos however are need to be competed with in person examination by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon highly experienced in body contouring/liposculpture. Surgical correction might be necessary. I would recommend BodyJet technique, it is best way to correct secondary deformities after first time lipo.

Andrey Shakhov, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Post Liposuction Irregularities, Swelling -- Try Massage, Exilis Ultra/Cellutone or Venus Legacy -- Need HI DEF Revision, Fat

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This may need a revision surgery with fat grafting.  I suggest seeing an VASER HI DEF body sculpting expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Thank you for the photos and sorry for your complication.  At this point you need to be patient to see if things resolve for the better. If they do not then you need to get some independent evaluations on how best to treat the problem whether with fat grafting or more focused liposuction and RFAL.  For the present I would massage the area or use smooth shape to try to correct the problem.

Dr. Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Contour Irregularities After Liposuction

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Thank you for your question.  One of the most common complications of liposuction is contour irregularities. Some of the irregularities will resolve over time, typically by the six month period, your body should have healed and the swelling has resolved.  At this point, if gross irregularities still exist, revisional surgery may be considered.  This could include fat grafting to mask the irregularity or additional liposuction.  In the interim, it is important that you address these concerns with your plastic surgeon.  I hope this helps and always make sure your plastic surgeon has the appropriate credentials.

Good Day,

Nicholas Jones, MD

Nicholas Jones, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Indentation after lipo

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I takes several months for all swelling to resolve following liposuction. Contour irregularities can occur following liposuction. If the contour does not improve additional liposuction may be needed to provide symmetry. I recommend waiting 3-6 months . 

At your next follow up bring in your photos to asses the progress.

Helena Guarda, MD
Suffolk Plastic Surgeon
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