I went from 400 cc to 275 cc, my breasts are a funny shape now. Will they settle in normally? (Photo)

The picture from 8/27 was 400 CCs that I got back in 2006. The other two are from this morning at 275CCs my surgery was Thursday 8/28/16 at 5:30 am. The reason for the replacement was because I was having a lot of pain and thought I had a rupture. There was no rupture but Dr had to cut through some bands which may have been the cause of the pain. My smaller implants rolled under my armpits so Dr had to stitch inside. how long do I need to wear the bra at night?

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Early in recovery phase

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 I'm not sure I understand the story with the surgery being done on a date that hasn't happened yet. I'm assuming that date is wrong and that you're just one day out. This early in the postoperative period, there is lots of change that will take place over the ensuing weeks to months. Depending what was done in the way of suturing or cutting, in my mind will change the type and length of time that I would recommend a bra or no bra. Only your practicing plastic surgeon knows what was done and would be the best resource for this question. Good luck on having an uneventful recovery.

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Early to tell

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At this stage, it is best to be patient allow the natural healing process to occur.  I feel you will be quite happy and hopefully pain free after this procedure.
I would follow your surgeon's guidance about bras.
Link below for my recommendations.
Best Wishes,
Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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