Looking for Orange County, CA, Board Certified Facial Doctor to Remove Radiesse from Sides of Mouth? (photo)

I had 2 syringes of radiesse injected into my nasolabiol lines 5 years ago. I was overfilled & hated it. it faded at the top portion (from my nose down the sides - about 1 inch), but has remained in the sides of my mouth, down to almost the jawline for 5 years now. it's given me a joker-like or wooden smile. it's stiffer than facial fat. it's not anything else-it feels the same as the day I had it injected, aside from 30% less on the sides. I'd like it removed from the inside of my mouth.

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Looking for Orange County, CA, Board Certified Facial Doctor to Remove Radiesse from Sides of Mouth?

          Radiesse can be removed if a distinct granuloma or Radiesse collection is involved.  This may or may not be worth it based upon the exam.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Looking for Doctor to Remove Radiesse from Sides of Mouth?

It does not seem likely to me that Radiesse injected five years ago is causing the symptoms you describe.  Most patients wish it would last even longer than it does but, at that, it's in the range of 18-24 months in the best case.  Regardless, I would advise you against trying to "remove" this from the inside of your mouth.  I think there is a significant risk of contour deformity and irregularity associate with such a procedure, however much you may want to return to your pre-procedure appearance. 


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Removing Radiesse with surgery

You really shouldn't have it removed or you can end up looking worse. I know that's not what you want to hear, but Radiesse shouldn't be removed unless it is causing some kind of arterial blockage. It's not easy to remove it from inside the mouth and you can end up with bad scarring and possibly even difficulty eating, swallowing, or talking. I understand completely that you are frustrated and upset and want it to go away, but this type of surgical procedure isn't going to be recommended. There are lots of very qualified surgical derms and plastics in the OC area - look on RealSelf's site for a listing in your area. But unless there is blockage, I would have a hard time recommending you undergo a procedure like this. Additionally, Radiesse (unlike Silicone) doesn't clump up so removing it in general isn't easy and you could be left very lumpy looking. An in-person consultation with a physician (or a variety of physicians) in your area might help you, but I wouldn't recommend a surgery like this.

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