Did I Unravel my Muscle Repair? 9.5 Weeks PO TT Bulge/swelling Upper Abdomen & BB Hardening on the Top?

I noticed a bulge on my upper abdomen a few days ago & the felt the top part of my BB hard like scar tissue. I stopped wearing my CG 2 wks ago & have become more active so I thought the swelling was due to that. Yesterday I felt kicking/fluttering similar to when I was pregnant! I didn't hear a pop but I do feel like perhaps my MR has been compromised. When I lay down flat & raise my head, I feel relatively flat but soft around the bulge? I'm sad .. did I unravel my internal sutures?

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Did I Unravel my Muscle Repair?

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This is not possible to answer over the internet, especially with no photos to look at. A visit to your surgeon is needed to offer proper reassurance. All the best. 

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