Can I correct my face?

Hello. My eyes and nose are slightly crooked. Is there any way I could fix this? What are the price ranges?

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Hi there! Thank you for sharing your photo with us. From what you provided, I do not see any major asymmetries that need any sort of surgeries. It would be best to seek a consultation to discuss in person. I wish you the best of luck!

Crooked eyelids and nose

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I do not see any major asymmetries either of your nose and/or eyelids, nor any deformities. consequently it may be best leave them alone.  We all have minor deformities or asymmetries.  Sometimes it is best accept yourself as you are, or get counseling by a psychologist who may have interest or experience in such things as body or facial dysmorphia syndrome in which minor issues with appearance are perceived as major issues,.

Correct face

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it would be best to have a consultation to assess your needs in person and have different angles of views of your face. 

Eyes and nose crooked?

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I don't appreciate any eye or nose crookedness. Can you please send another photo that captures the area of your concern.

Facial asymmetry

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The problems are so slight as to recommend doing nothing. You are an attractive woman. Consider the risks and consequences before doing anything.

Nose and eyes

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Thank you for the question and I would go on some complimentary consultations and discuss your concerns and compare recommendations and fees and look at photos of similar patients and find the surgeon for you

Dr Corbin

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