Build-up in pores, moving them out of place with a napkin affect rhinoplasty?

would it hurt the underslying cartilage if i gently tapped with the edge of a napkin to remove oily buildup from the pores of my nose?? my nose has been suuper oily and sometimes the pores accumilate hard round crusts - gross sorrry-that cant be washed off unless you take them out with a napkin and it pulls oily buildup from underneath the skin, i dont push hard but would this somehow shift the cartlage or warp it? or is that too far away from the cartilage?? i am two months post op right now

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Recovering from rhinoplasty: skin care

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Recovering from rhinoplasty is a healing process. Part of that process may include changing your skin care. When you wear a cast on your nose for 7 days, you cannot wash your nose. Clogged pores need to be addressed. I ask my patients to use their clean hands and rub the skin on the nose in a smooth way to get rid of the dead skin cells. I caution against squeezing/popping or using aggressive products. Every surgeon has their own preference, so I recommend asking yours. Safety comes first.

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