Breast lift or implants?

So I'm 21, 5'4”, size 0 pants, and naturally a 32DDD to 34DD. I've gained and lost weight once, and one very recent pregnancy to term (not currently breastfeeding). So anyway, I'm not happy with the sagging that's started so far. I'm also not excited about the scars that come with a lift, or adding size for that matter. Although I'd rather have the added size over the scars. I can't seem to find any before photos that look like me, so please help. :)

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Lift or Pregnant Soon?

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If you plan another pregnancy in the next few years, there is no point in doing the lift now because your breasts will stretch and droop again. Otherwise, a lift is needed. Would you consider a reduction to give your breasts a better, more perky shape? There are times where "less is more."

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift

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given the amount of droopiness you already have a lift with be the way to go. No matter what type of lift is used it is difficult to retain the initial upper pole fullness achieved by the lift and as such sometimes if a patient likes their size some of their own tissue can be removed from the vertical limb of the breast lift and substituted with a small implant of the same volume which is placed below the muscle and held up to retain the maximum amount of upper pole fullness. But no matter what a lift is the primary procedure needed.

William J. Hedden, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift or Implants

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From these pictures your breasts appear to have plenty of volume; an implant will only add more volume, weight, and therefore even more stretching forces on your already stretched breast skin. This will very likely lead to worsening of the sagging that you already have. A lift will improve the contour of your breasts, and the removal of a small amount of breast tissue that accompanies a lift will lessen the weight and stretching forces on your skin that are contributing to the sagging. Of course as you are aware, the tradeoff of having a mastopexy (lift) and improved contour is scars on your breasts. So the question you have to answer for yourself is: Would your rather have improved breast contour and scars on your breasts, or have no surgery and no scars and keep your current contour?

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At first Glance- a lift seems to be a great choice for you.

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So many women after child birth have the same questions about their breast. Although, I always recommend a full consultation to ask/answer questions and make a definite determination- it seems like a breast lift would provide you with great results per what you desire.

With the breast lift you would achieve a more proportioned breast size, a perkier breast overall and repositioning of the nipples [higher] to its correct position (even areola reduction if desired can be achieved with this procedure).

I have performed this procedure many times. I understand many patient's have concerns about scarring and overall effectiveness of just a lift. My patient feedback the majority of the time is that the scarring isn't nearly as bad as the patient thought it would be and that the breast looks more ideal than the patient imagined. Of course, realistic expectations are key- but with an expertly trained, board certified doctor using the most up to date techniques- I truly believe a lift can help you achieve a youthful, full, beautiful breast without an implant with minimal scarring.

Again, do your research, make sure your doctor is board certified, and only an in person consultation will help to dertermine exactly what it is you require.

I hope I have been of help you. Thank you again for asking a great question. Best of luck.

Micheal Obeng MD FACS

Michael K. Obeng, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Lift or just implants

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Hello and thank you for your question

Your pictures unfortunately are not sufficient to say definitively if you would need a lift with an implant or not. My feeling is that you likely would, as the weight of the implant is only going to make your breasts hang lower. That being said, if you have a recent pregnancy you should really wait a good 6 months to a year without breast feeding for your breasts to stabilize in size and shape (as pregnancy changes them). At that point I would recommend that you seek out a board certified plastic surgeon so that he/she may examine you and give you a proper assessment.

Best of luck to you.

Breast lift or implants?

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Your posted photos demonstrate 4 th degree ptosis so in only an I'm plant is placed the volume added will most likely drop your breasts further. Best to seek IN PERSON evaluations with boarded PSs in your city to understand both implants and implants with lifting...

Lift or Implants

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Thank you for the question. Your situation is a very common concern. Based on the photographs and comments, a breast lift (mastopexy) would be the right choice for you. It will reshape the breast, correct the "sag" and place the nipple in the proper position. The volume is there, its just in the wrong place. The trade off for all that is a scar (either vertical or inverted "T") which will depend on the type of you lift you have; its a trade off of scar for shape. The scar will fade, and [should] be barely visible in a year.

An implant will only add volume, and will do little to significantly effect nipple position (more than a cm or so). If you want more volume, then you can always get an augmentation later.

Stephen M. Becker, MD
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon
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Breast aug or a lift

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Thanks for your photos and question. You would be a great candidate for a lift. You definitely do not need implants. A lift would leave you with a great shape and a satisfactory result.

You will get better results with lift in long run

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If you are not happy with your breast size, then you will need implants. If you are not happy with your breast shape but happy with size, you will need lift. If you are not happy with size and shape, then you need lift and implant or lift and fat.

Bigger breast will sag more..

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Lift, implants, both or reduction?

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What you need is a good comprehensive consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. Your question is very common and the answer is very individualized.

First you need to know what you are trying to achieve in the ideal.

Next, what does it take to get to that point.

What are the downsides.

What is the next best option regarding your desires.

What are the positives and negatives of these new desires.

You will also want to see pictures of the results associated with these procedures.

You may not find the ideal answer but youat least will find the best options and know the consequences of those options.

John P. Stratis, MD
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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