Asymmetric Jaw Surgery - Oral Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon with Craniofacial Experience? (photo)

My L side is deteriorating, my R side is growing. Jaw hurts, pops. I would cosmetic aspects corrected. dr reply I would need mandible (jawbone) bone grafts or onlay grafts with one of several alloplastic materials, including Medpore, hydroxyapatite, or even hydroxyapatite granules. oral surgeon/plastic surgeon w/craniofacial experience I am wondering about how intensive and how expensive surgery would be? Would I need more than one surgery? How do I find a doctor with this kind of experience?

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Orthognathic Surgery for Function and Esthetics

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It appears that you have already had orthognathic surgery in the past.  From the appearance of the panoramic radiograph shown the left mandible is smaller than the right.  Do you have Hemifacial Microsomia?  When was your previous surgery done?  How old are you now?  I would seek the advice of a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon who is comfortable with secondary orthognathic surgery.  I perform these surgeries in my practice regularly, but a thourough history must be taken and a full evaluation must be performed.  Im sure you will be able to fince a surgeon in your area to help.  Plastic Surgeons with craniofacial experience ususally will not perform this surgery because it involves changing your bite and you already have TMJ symptoms

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