Why are the areas I had CoolSculpted 4 days ago very itchy?

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Why are the areas I had CoolSculpted 4 days ago very itchy?

Thank you for your question. Itching is a common side effect after CoolSculpting. This should subside with time. You should not feel any of the side effects after 2-3 weeks. If it persists, speak with your chosen provider.

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Itching Is a Common Side Effect

That itchy feeling is no cause for alarm. It's actually relatively common after CoolSculpting and can be attributed to the nerves in your skin "waking up" from the extreme temperature change. This should go away on its own within the next week or so. If it persists or get worse, though, bring it up with the doctor who performed your CoolSculpting procedure.

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Itching after cool sculpt

this is a normal and common feeling after cool sculpting. Hopefully by now these feelings are gone. If you feel intense or feelings that beyond mild discomfort please seek follow up with your treating physician. 

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Itching after CoolSculpting

Itching in the area treated with CoolSculpting is common.  Various sensations can be felt in the treated area such as pins and needles/tingling, slight burning or stinging, numbness or dulled sensation or even slight sensitivity to touch.  The nerves in the skin are returning to their normal state after being temporarily affected by the CoolSculpting procedure.  These sensations are usually short-lived and mild.  If they are pronounced or persistent, contact your treating doctor.

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Itchy after Cool Sculpt

This is a normal feeling following Cool Sculpt and should only last 3 days- 3weeks max. Remember the cells are changing, they experienced cold and this is a normal feeling in some cases. 

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Itching is temporary after CoolSculpting

Itching of the skin in an area after CoolSculpting can occur. This is one of the infrequent side effects and is due to the healing and the dead fat cells getting broken by your body. Itching is temporary and will go away with time.

There can also be some mild numbness or altered sensation in the CoolSculpting area. 

Shareef Jandali, MD
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Itching / Pain Following Coolsculpting

This is common to have itching in areas of inflammation when healing. I suggest you speak to your physicina if you are concerned.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Itching Following CoolSculpting Treatment

If you look at your take-home guidelines, itchiness in the treatment area is a very common side effect from CoolSculpting.  When the nerves start to become active again after the treatment, things like itching, burning, sharp pains, or other reactions can occur.  If it persists or worsens after 2-3 weeks, contact your provider.  Most likely the itching will subside over a few days to a week.  

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Why are the areas I had CoolSculpted 4 days ago very itchy?

Thanks for your question. This is your nerves regenerating after slight trauma. It can feel itchy, tingling some even like a small electric shock. This should only last a couple of days and will subside. It is recommended to report this to the practice where you were treated so they can monitor your progress. Best wishes. 

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Itching following coolsculpting

Don't worry, this is totally normal.  When the nerves start working again following coolsculpting, itching is a very common sensation.  You can also have some burning or throbbing pain that lasts for a few days.  It should go back to normal over the next few weeks.  Good luck and I hope you love your results.

Kelly Killeen, MD
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