1 year post OP Rhinoplasty, noose looks weird, tip is huge still, still crooked nose, septum not completely straight. (photo)

Hi I am 18 years old and had gotten a reconstructive rhinoplasty to fix my crooked nose and deviated septum 1 year ago. My nose is still crooked, the tip is still huge and hard to the touch, which i think is due to the ear graft put in it. My septum is not straight still. I have very thick skin. On the sidewalls of my nose, the left side is fine, but the right is missing bone i think, it caves in. I am VERY depressed with the result of my nose, and will get a revision. HELP ME PLEASE!

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Revision rhinoplasty for a more natural and functional node.

A revision rhinoplasty done by a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will give you a more functional and attractive nose. See a surgeon who does natural looking noses based on his revision rhinoplasty results and not imaging.  Look at the revision rhinoplasties that are on my website as well as those of others. 

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Dear claycors, I definitely see your concerns with your results. I would suggest at this point that you request a copy of your operative report and pre-operative photographs from your previous surgeon and schedule some consultations with experts in the field. After an intra-nasal examination and consultation a proper diagnosis can be made regarding your current breathing difficulties and a surgical plan set to improve your current concerns. Imaging can be performed that will show you the proposed results taking into consideration your nasal anatomy and skin thickness. Your operative report and pre-operative photographs will be very telling of what went wrong here. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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1 year after primary rhinoplasty

I would recommend meeting with a revision rhinoplasty surgeon who can go over in person what your options would be. I agree you have thicker skin which will limit the refinement somewhat, but the structure can be addressed which should balance out the nose and improve breathing. 
Best of luck

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Rhinoplasty Revision candidate

Your nose will require:1)thinning out of your nasal tip2)Nasal dorsal augmentation with diced cartilageA consultation would be necessary to provide you the details of your surgery. Please see patient below for an example.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Thank you for the question and the photos and after a complimentary consultation aided by digital photography and a full examination you will literally be able to see what is and what is not possible with your nose and become informed how it might be accomplished.  So see some experts in your area that use this technique.
Dr. Corbin

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Dissatisfied with Rhinoplasty Results

I am sorry to hear that your primary rhinoplasty did not turn out as you had planned and that you are still having problems from a deviated nasal septum. Based on your photos, I share your concerns and feel that you would benefit from an open approach rhinoplasty revision with cartilage grafts. This may require autologous rib cartilage or donor rib cartilage for proper reconstruction and correction. Please consult with the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon you can, someone who performs these types of case regularly, and share your concerns. The "cave" in of your alar  sidewall is from weak or absent cartilage, not bone. Your skin is thick, but there are techniques to improve this via an open approach. You will require a number of grafts for placement and support. Try to get a copy of your original operative report and share this with your doctor. It may contain useful information to help plan your revision. Best Regards. 

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Changes after Rhinoplasty

Without knowing exactly what was performed or being able to see your pre-opererative photos, it is somewhat difficult to guide you.  Nevertheless, it appears that you have a bulbous tip, possibly due to your cartilage graft.  This may require an open rhinoplasty to correct.  It is important that you see a board-certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and obtain your previous records to know exactly what was done.

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