Is It Possible to Reconstruct a Blown Out Gauged Ear? (photo)

I stretched too quickly and blew my ears out at 3/4(19mm) i continued stretching up to 1 1/4(32mm). My lobes are thick and lucious due to the daily oil massages. I plan on continuing my stretching journey over the next few years. I was wondering if it is possible to reconstruct the ear stretch mark without cutting it off. I fear cutting off my blowout would result in a thinner weaker lobe more prone to ripping. Is it possible to tuck the blowout back? Is it possible to reconstruct my ear lobe?

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Gauged earlobe correction

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Earlobe gauging has become very popular, and often people are left with a desire to correct the stretched earlobe, as natural shrinkage to the original lobe doesn't occur. To be honest, I haven't encountered a patient who wants to fix a blowout, as you call it, then continue the stretching process. Still, I suppose the principles of tissue stretch, regeneration and reconstruction still apply. In your instance, I would counsel you to avoid further stretching. I think you are right to be concerned that cutting off the blowout would lead to tissue weakness. It is possible to reconstruct your ear, however the success of re-stretching it afterwards is one I can't predict. Best of luck, and keep us updated if you find a solution.



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