I'm Looking for a surgeon for earlobe repairs in Orange County.

I'm in desperate need of an earlobe repair. I can afford price ranges from $300 - $500. My lobes are not very big. Thank you for advance of your comments.

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Top earlobe repair surgeon in Los Angeles

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There are many techniques to repairing an earlobe. I would focus on doing it right, otherwise you replace one issue with another. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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Earlobe repair is a very common procedure. Frequently, we have patients who will have the procedure done the same day as the consultation. Typically, the cost is between $450-850 per earlobe, depending on the severity and the length of the procedure.You may be able to find a doctor who will do this under insurance but i am not aware of any.The length of time the ears have been gauged should have no effect on the procedure. As long as the tissue is no longer irritated or inflamed, there is no reason not to give it a try. Gauged ears are sometimes more difficult than some other earlobe repairs since the tissue is so over stretched, but we are still able to create a natural looking earlobe. You can get your ear re pierced about 6 weeks after and should be included in the pricing. Shop around in your area and see if you can find a plastic surgeon in your budget. Insurance typically wont cover this. 

Earlobe repair

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Seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon as pricing varies from surgeon to surgeon. Price can range from $400-$800. You will be able to re-pierce your ears 2 months after you have the earlobe repair done. Good luck, Dean Vistnes.

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Ear lobe repair in OC

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Hello Brianna, I perform earlobe repair under local anesthesia very often.  There are special techniques I use to make sure the shape looks natural.  I am not sure if you are talking about 1 ear lobe or both for repair.  As of now consultations are complimentary so consider making an appointment. I can take a look and see how we can do our best to help you.  

Raymond E. Lee, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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I'm Looking for a surgeon for earlobe repairs

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Although I cannot provide you with specific names, I would suggest that you start with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and/or the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgery to find the offices of board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.

 Generally speaking, the  repair of the stretched or  pierced ear lobes is a great procedure that can restore the ear lobe to a “normal” appearance". The resulting scar is most often very fine.  Care must be taken during this procedure to avoid reducing the size of the ear and/or creating a notch/ depressed appearance in the area of the rim of the ear lobe.   It is usually done under local anesthesia, with minimal discomfort and recovery time;  it is associated with a very high patient satisfaction rate.  I hope this, and the attached link, helps. 


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