Newly replaced pec implant! Large Seroma! What causes this ???

Had Seroma under left pec implant . Removed 17 tubes of blood! Filling up again. Do they need to be removed ?

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Newly replaced pec implant! Large Seroma! What causes this ?

 I am sorry to hear about the complication you are experiencing. Although no one knows ( theories include smooth surface implants and significant movement of the implants under the pectoralis major muscle) exactly why this occurs, I have noted a significant number of seromas  in patients who I have done pectoralis augmentation  or pectus excavatum custom-made implants surgery for.  For this reason, I often use suction drains and leave them in place for a relatively long periods of time (until output is very low).  If you continue to have recurrence seromas, placement of a suction drain may be an option. Unless there is sign of infection, there is no urgency (in making a decision) to have them removed.  Best wishes.

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