Micro-needling? (Photo)

Hi, I had an indented scar from a cyst on my cheek and got removed by surgery 6 months ago but I did not get the best results, I noticed that the area around the surgery got sunk, Now I am trying to optimize my results and I was wondering if Micro-Needling is the best choice for me. My last doctor told me that I will see improvement with 3 sessions but he wants to charge me 600 dollars for the spot which I think is insane and 1,200 for the entire face (does not make any sense). Any advice?

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Microneedling with PRP for scars

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Hello and thank you for your question. Microneedling is an excellent treatment to diminish scars.  It is a medical device used in micro needling to break down old scar tissue and to stimulate skin cells to proliferate. This cell multiplication results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers as well as in new capillaries for an improved blood supply. It is recommended to do a series of treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart. I would also recommend using PRP during your microneedling sessions. Prices do vary from office to office so you might want to check around. We charge between $250- $500 depending on if you just want to treat the scar or do full face. Hope this helps! Dr Faraz

Microneedling For Scars

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Microneedling is a great treatment for scars, and overall skin rejuvenation. We typically charge 400-600 for full face, and judging by your photos it looks as though you'll only need 1-3 treatments for full correction. 

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Facial Scarring -- Requires a Combination of Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Fillers- Bellafill, Subcision and Eclipse Micropen

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Facial scarring can be treated with a combination approach of lasers (Fractional Laser Resurfacing), peels, skin care and microneedling. For deep scarring fillers can be used. I suggest consulting with an experienced cosmetic dermatologist. This result is actually very good and can be improved with more lasers and microneedling and filler in combination.  Best, Dr. Emer

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